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Movie Night at ACME

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A Civil Action Starring John Travolta is based on a True Story about Contaminated Water.

We have Screened many informative films since our First Movie Night last year. On our First Movie Night we screened the Jane Fonda, Michael Douglas film, THE CHINA SYNDROME. This film is loosely based on the SSFL Sodium Reactor Meltdown in 1959, yet many people associate it more with the Three Mile Island (TMI) incident as they occurred in the same year. The fact is THE CHINA SYNDROME was filmed the year before the TMI incident with a release date of March 16th, 1979. The incident at TMI began on March 28th, 1979. Truly a story of Life imitates Art. In the year 2006 researchers concluded that the incident at the SSFL in 1959 released up to 240 times the amount of radiation than TMI. The San Fernando Valley is now home to the Worst Nuclear Disaster on U.S. Soil.