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of the Santa Susana Field Laboratory

Community Advisory Group a.k.a. C.A.G.

The December 18th Santa Susana Field Laboratory Community Advisory Group or SSFL C.A.G. failed to Advise the Community on any of the important issues regarding the site, instead made presentations of what the rest of the world is doing at legacy sites. The Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC) gave a presentation regarding a risk-based cleanup when we already have binding Administrative Orders on Consent (AOCs) it executed with DOE and NASA. There was Boeing touting the same thing, yet the United States Department of Energy leaned a bit towards the AOC. NASA was the best presentation as far as legality is concerned, the presenter did not use the projector, just words from notes. One thing that NASA was dispersing was information regarding their Draft Environmental Impact Report and how the majority of the comments were “Form” or “Computerized” even by breaking down the numbers. I would assume NASA was trying to downplay the amount of comments that asked them to stick with the AOC’s

SSFL C.A.G. Board Member Abe Weitzberg was given the responsibility of operating the Projection System for the entire meeting, yet, not being very responsible, he went rogue and took over the meeting for a brief ten minutes to project a slide he creates throwing the agenda aside. Only one of the C.A.G. members made a fuss about Abe’s unannounced agenda item of Cesium 137 in Bananas. One must ask themselves, is Abe getting the Banana Data from Fukushima???

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